Welcome to Bags of Essentials - your pre-packed hospital bag specialist

After giving birth to my first child in 2006 lots of friends, colleagues and family members started to ask me what goes into a hospital bag. I used to email over a list of contents to people and became the "solutions provider" for hospital bag contents and baby related questions. Whilst preparing for the birth of my daughter in 2008, it soon became apparent that packing a hospital bag second time around was a lot more stressful as I had a lot less time on my hands! Then in 2009 Bags of Essentials was born!

Bags of Essentials was initially a bit of a hobby, to earn extra cash whilst holding down a job in Recruitment and being at home with 2 young children. In May 2012 after being made redundant, I decided to make Bags of Essentials into a full-time business and have never looked back.

Packing your hospital bag can be a very stressful time as any mum will know, so we decided to come up with an idea that ticks that box for you. Our bags are not supposed to be "everything you need for your first 48 hours" like so many other companies lead you to believe. Bags of Essentials are just that.. a pre-packed bag of essential items for Mum & Baby during your hospital stay.

Clothing is not included (apart from the essential hat and scratch mitts) as we believe it is a personal choice, and something that Mum has probably already purchased.

The bags themselves are very practical - not only are they big enough to take all your essentials into hospital with you, but they can be used as a baby changing bag afterwards, and are the perfect size for a cabin/flight bag - enabling you to travel with it as hand luggage when travelling abroad.

Bags of Essentials bags make the perfect treat for yourself if you are an expectant Mum, or a great gift for friends, family members, colleagues and partners.

Karen Wilkins , Bags of Essentials